This Used To Be My Playground

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Over the years Jer and I have been trusted to watch others pets when they are away but for some reason when it came to watching kids it was another story. We were always on the bottom of the list. 

So when we got the call that we were actually going to be trusted with watching little humans (our nieces) overnight we were at a loss. 

We stocked up on nutritional food; cheese curls,m&ms,chocolate chip cookies,and ice cream. 

I was all set for movies since I heard Frozen was like every kids favorite. These kids had another idea...Annabelle. Um, no. The previews alone had us all trembling. 

We had games and a list of different activities we could do. 

We were set to be the best fucking babysitters ever. 

When they arrived they had their snow gear and sleds and said that they wanted to go sledding. Um, okay, wasn't prepared for that but I knew just the place to take them.

My childhood home has the best hills for sledding. So we headed to my dad's and I relived my glory days.  

 Luna loves the snow and was living it up.

 Izzy, Luna, and I were getting prepared to race.

 And this would be around the time I realized I had no brakes...

We ended up staying past dark and sledding under the stars. Kids truly bring out the best fun loving side of you. 

Operation Babysitting Tips:
Babysit only those that are potty trained. 

Wear them the fuck out so you don't have to watch Frozen.

Friendly's is not good for your stomach you may want to steer clear.

Throw your list of things to do away; they already know exactly what they want and it is probably way more fun anyways.

Limit yourself on that junk food because you will be the one eating it for the next week. New Year's resolution fail.



  1. Lovely post & photos - some great tips at the end too! I could watch Frozen until the cows come though ;-)
    Polly xx

  2. Thank you Polly! I do hear that Frozen is good but I am knee deep in the Game of Thrones right now trying to catch up :-) One day I will rent it and find out what all the fuss is about.