Favorite Travel Destinations: Belize Part III

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Turtle Inn would be our home for the remaining four nights of our week long trip. It was raining when we arrived which didn't stop of us from taking a walk around the deserted grounds.  

Even in the rain the place was absolutely beautiful. We headed back to check out our cottage. Jer was particularly fond of the name. 

Upon entering you are immediately struck by the massive Balinese inspired bed in which you need a step stool to actually mount. 


The ornate detailing around the bed and doorways was impeccable. 

When you walk outside you are greeted by a private zen garden with an outdoor shower that did get used quite a bit. And can I just say that they had the most amazing smelling hand made soap that left your skin so silky soft. I kept stock piling it in my suit case so they would have to replenish. I seriously need to see if they sell it because it was like I was in a soap commercial every time I would use it. Moving on...

I was surprised, but not at all bothered by the fact, of how deserted it was. The only time we saw anyone was when we would leave to go to dinner. This meant that we had our own private pool, our own private beach and a whole oasis to ourselves. I was in heaven.

The next four days pretty much consisted of us sleeping, swimming, eating, reading, eating, swimming, reading, sleeping and so on. The resort has no TV's so you are pretty much forced to disconnect and just totally immerse yourself in pure relaxation. Again, I was in heaven. 

We did tear ourselves away from our little oasis and used the bicycles they provided to make our way into town to eat. 

Some of our favorites were Rumfish where we had a great view of locals playing soccer, Omar's for some great creole style fish, and Tutti Frutti for some refreshing gelato. 

But our all time favorite place was a little food truck that had THE BEST burritos ever. I have no clue what the name of it is or if it even has a name but it was located right in front of the soccer field. I was a little weary because the lights kept going out and
they were literally cooking with flashlights but Oh MY GAWD!! It was a pity we found this gem on our last night.


The only excursion we did was a half day snorkel trip that took us to Laughing Bird Caye National Marine Park. This is on the top of my list of snorkeling trips. We saw so many different kind of fish and our underwater guide would so graciously move any jellyfish (there were a lot) that might get in our way with the palm of his hand. He advised if you did it that way you would not get stung but also advised us not to try it. I obeyed his orders. 

After a few hours our boat captain set up lunch for us and we meandered around the island. I could so set up house here and be content living off of fish and coconut water. Just call me Gilligan.

We begrudgingly packed up (my Gilligan dreams shattered) and headed back to our resort. 

The next day we said goodbye and took a small commuter plane back to Belize City to catch our flight back home.

Belize is one of those destinations that will be forever etched in my mind. The people were so friendly and accommodating. The scenery absolutely breathtaking. It was absolutely un-belize-able!

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  1. Thank you. It was an incredible place and with the 6 inches of snow we are intended to get tomorrow I am wishing I was there now.