Postcards from Arizona

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We touched down in Arizona early in the morning. I was tagging along on my husband's work trip to Scottsdale. Once we checked into the Hyatt Scottsdale Gainey Ranch he went straight to his meeting and I went straight to the convenience store at the resort since I had forgotten my sunblock. 

I placed my order for a strawberry banana smoothie and placed the only sunblock they had on the counter and checked out.

"That will be $41.50 ma'am." 

Say what?!?! The sunblock was over $30.00 for a small travel sized bottle. I took my smoothie left my sunblock and went straight to Target for my $6.99 full size bottle of 50+ sun protection. 

Only wasting ten minutes of precious sun and relaxing time. I must say I felt slightly guilty that while my husband was hard at work I was sipping a few cocktails, reading a trashy novel, and soaking up the sun and enjoying the palm trees breeze poolside. But I got over it quick.

Bitter Sweet Easter Holiday

Monday, April 6, 2015

I don't know about you guys but I completely indulged this Easter. Every year I receive a gigantic milk chocolate Easter bunny. I sank my teeth in the chocolatey goodness and next thing you know half the bunny was gone. I just consumed half of a life size chocolate bunny and was feeling a bit ashamed; I had to get rid of it. But I couldn't bare throw it out so I rationalized with myself and decided to eat the entire thing so the temptation was no longer there. It was a holiday after all. Makes sense, right!?!?! Chocolate is my weakness. 

This Easter was bitter sweet because it will probably be the last Easter/holiday spent in our current (first) home. We tried to soak it all in but it seemed to go by so fast. 

The boys came and dove right into their gifts and the candy Nanny brought them. Owen, very hesitantly, let me have a bite of his chocolate lollipop.