Postcards from Arizona

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

We touched down in Arizona early in the morning. I was tagging along on my husband's work trip to Scottsdale. Once we checked into the Hyatt Scottsdale Gainey Ranch he went straight to his meeting and I went straight to the convenience store at the resort since I had forgotten my sunblock. 

I placed my order for a strawberry banana smoothie and placed the only sunblock they had on the counter and checked out.

"That will be $41.50 ma'am." 

Say what?!?! The sunblock was over $30.00 for a small travel sized bottle. I took my smoothie left my sunblock and went straight to Target for my $6.99 full size bottle of 50+ sun protection. 

Only wasting ten minutes of precious sun and relaxing time. I must say I felt slightly guilty that while my husband was hard at work I was sipping a few cocktails, reading a trashy novel, and soaking up the sun and enjoying the palm trees breeze poolside. But I got over it quick.

This was my view for the majority of our stay. There were so many kids at this resort that I retreated to the adults only section where I had the pool pretty much to myself as the adults had to attend to their children. Win for me.

Reservation crashers.

It is a beautiful resort. If you have children they have a great kids club and water playground. Just don't forget your sunblock.


  1. Just a hard-knock life :) Hyatt resorts are usually pricey but $30 for a sunblock is too much! Its Scottsdale anyway, the place looks wonderful! Keep having a lovely time :)

  2. Thank you Isabel! We had a great time and love the Scottsdale area, so beautiful.

  3. great pictures !!

  4. Thank you! I was definitely in need of some sunshine.

  5. Wow gorgeous photos, that place looks amazing. And I love your black jumpsuit.

    xx Z&G