Happy Birthday Jer!

Monday, February 2, 2015

I have a confession...I really suck with words. Especially when it comes to the mushy I love you, you mean everything to me type of words. Even when we get into arguments Jer will say "I think you meant to say it like this." Really, did I? 

Every birthday I always try and come up with something deep and meaningful to describe how much I love this man.

And, instead, I come up with "I'm so glad I nailed you down". So romantic, I know.  Now, it did go with the nail gun I got him so I thought it was clever. Until I saw it was all over Pinterest, so I guess I'm not all that original.

The thing with Jer is he is good at everything (except yoga, he really sucks at yoga. Oh and spelling, he REALLY sucks at spelling). He taught himself how to play the guitar, he taught himself how to build things out of wood, he taught himself how to paint, he taught himself how to play hockey, he taught himself how to fix cars and the list goes on. If he wants to do something he will find a way and excel at it. (I mean, YouTube has helped). It is great and can be slightly annoying because I am over here feeling like a complete mess.

So when it comes to his birthday cards, to me, it is no different. He turns into fucking Emily Dickinson (the male version of course). For example this is one of the cards I received from him (don't worry he gave me permission because he knows it is the shit):

Some would say the only constant is time past

Times of smiles filled with laughs
Times of darkness upon which light was cast

Times of warmth where cold amassed
Times of comfort where uncertainty seemed to last

Times of love no matter where I am at
Times where no calculation is needed upon concrete math

Times where home is wherever you are
Times where together seems so far

Times where the heart could only race
Times when the body struggled just to keep pace

Times that I had wished would never pass
Times that now will forever last

The saying is erred but the premise is true
There is a constant, but for me it is you

How can I even compete with that!?! Even though it took him explaining each line to me to fully understand what it meant, it was good! Getting weak in the knees, sappy sigh good.

So what do you say to the man who makes you feel so special and loved?

What do you say to the man who makes you smile each day no matter how bad you feel? 

What do you say to the man who helped you in some of your darkest days and let you vent, cry, scream never turning his back and just offering encouraging words ensuring everything would be okay?

What do you say to the man who after fifteen years together you just can't fathom loving him any more but, each year, he surprises you in new ways and that love just continues to grow? 

What do you say to the man who is willing to travel the world with you because it is what you love?

What do you say to the man who doesn't judge you when you eat a whole family sized bag of cheese curls in one sitting?

What do you say to the man who let's you take a million pictures of him when it is his least favorite thing in whole world to do?

What do you say to the man who makes you feel beautiful, even when you look like this?

What do you say to the man who is ambitious, compassionate, devoted, who is always right, and has a strong wit to keep you on your toes?

The only thing I can come up with is thank you.  Thank you for being you. Thank you for making me laugh so hard I can't see straight. I thank you for every moment that we shared happy and sad. 

Today is your birthday but I feel like I have the best gift everyday and that is you. 

I love you with no end.

Happy Birthday!!


  1. this brought me to tears, so beautiful! continue enjoying being be lucky in love :) and congratulations to him for getting such a sweet gal (oh and for his birthday too, lol!)

  2. Too cute and too funny! My boyfriend really sucks at spelling too. haha. And it drives me crazy because I was a journalism major in college!


  3. such a sweet one


  4. Thank you for the sweet comment Carolyn! Made me smile :-)