Golden Hour

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Location: Torrey Pines Beach, CA
I am so glad we had a little mishap with lost keys and did not end up at Torrey Pines until much later than expected. We made our way to the scenic lookout and hiked 3/4 mile (which felt like 5 miles) down to the beach. 

It was beginning to clear out with everyone packing up their stuff to make the trek back up the path while we were just settling in. I am not a huge fan of crowded beaches so this was perfect timing and we basically had the beach all to ourselves. 

I'm not sure why everyone chooses to leave right when the magic begins to happen. The sun began to set causing it to cast a golden hue over the beach making it glisten. We ended up moving our dinner reservation for much later and decided to bask in one of the most amazing sunsets to date.

Our trip was short but o so sweet.