Late Date at The Circular

Friday, February 13, 2015

Trying to get a reservation for dinner the Friday before Valentine's Day seemed next to impossible. But, my friends, nothing is impossible and I found one at the sweetest place on earth...Hershey (hotel).

Now, I have been to the Hershey Hotel for multiple spa days but have yet to try any of the restaurants at the hotel.  So when The Circular had an opening I thought why not give it a go. 

We arrived and had a brief wait which meant multiple photo ops in front of the fountain in the courtyard because one is just never enough.

The lovely hostess waited patiently until I was finished with my photo session and graciously showed us to our table. She handed us an ipad to browse the drink selections. 

Our waiter went over the specials and took our order. I took a glance around and I was in fur coat people watching heaven. Blue ones, black ones, white ones, pink ones too. I have never seen so many fur coats in one establishment in my life. It had me yearning for my very own. 

We ordered the Crab & Toast with blue crab, celeriac truffle cream and toasted baguette. 

Excuse me while I stuff my face...

The baguette was extra toasty and we ended up using the dinner rolls to dip instead.  

I am a lover of braised foods and had to go with the Braised Veal Shank and it did not disappoint. It fell right of the bone and had a nice nutty flavor to it. I am also a lover of mac and cheese so ordered the Crab Mac and Cheese which was good but did not knock my socks off. 

Jer had the Red Snapper special.

We eavesdropped on the couple beside us who were on their first date and I so wanted to go all Patti Stanger and say "Remember no sex before monogamy." But I refrained myself.

We received a nice little treat at the end of our meal...

Salted Caramel, my favorite.

We (meaning Jer) paid the bill and we had to rush out because I had a scheduled performance.

I just couldn't resist.  Who doesn't love a little twinkle twinkle little star for their evening entertainment? I didn't receive a standing ovation so I guess that answers that.

The only time Jer let's me take his picture is when we are alone in a stairwell. Typical.

The staff were very personable and very attentive which was great. Overall we had a nice experience but I am not in any hurry to go back. Now the spa, I will see you next month.


  1. Lovely post darling! have an amazing sunday! :)



  2. Looks like you had an amazing time hun! Loving your outfit!

    Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day!

    Helen xx

  3. Beautiful photos!!!!!! And the food looks delicious!!!!

  4. We had a nice relaxing V-Day! Thanks Helen!

  5. Thank you Marianna! The food was great and it beats cooking any day!