About Me

I am a small town girl with a desire to see the world. I love planning trips almost as much as I love taking them (so much so I decided to make it my career). I am a notorious picture taker but they just end up in a folder on my computer (tragic). I am not a fan of scrap-booking so thought that this would be the next best thing. To have a personal slice of the internet where I can let my story and thoughts unravel. 

My main characters:

This handsome fella is my husband.  We have been married for three years and together for fifteen. So glad I didn't have to wait long to find this one. He is my best friend and knows me better than anyone.  He just gets me. So cliche but oh so true. 

This is our crazy dog, Luna.  We adopted her in Turks and Caicos where we got married and brought her home with us.  She was the best investment/souvenir. She is such a sweet cuddle bug, with us. However, don't let the face fool ya, she is Cujo with almost everyone else. House guests enter at your own risk.