Split Walking Tour

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I'll admit, I underestimated Split. It was not high on the list of stops I was most looking forward to on our road trip. Merely, a stopover before getting to the good stuff. 

We decided to take a walking tour, since I had done little research on this area, and I quickly fell for this coastal gem. 

The weather gods were not in our favor on this trip. It began to pour when we arrived to our meeting point. We found our guide who came prepared with extra umbrellas. 

We began our walking tour of Diocletian's Palace at the southern end. Diocletian's Palace was built at the turn of the fourth century by Diocletian, a Roman emperor, who voluntarily gave up his throne and spent his final years by the sea.

We entered the basement halls which was the entrance to the palace by sea. This area was mainly used for storage of wine and food. Now you will find lines of souvenir stalls leading you to the steps toward Peristil Square. 

As we ascended the steps and made our way into the square the rain had finally stopped. We found ourselves surrounded by white washed stone walls, ancient Roman ruins, an Egyptian sphinx perched between massive columns (which seemed a bit out place), and grey skies. We seemed to be transported back in time. 

Jer had to fill me in on all the facts he was learning. I was too preoccupied marveling at my surroundings to pay attention. Some things never change. 

He filled me in on the famous statue of Gregory of Nin, who was famous for fighting the right to use the Croatian language in church services. Legend has it that rubbing his big toe will bring good luck. Sign me up.

Our tour guide recommended Villa Spiza for lunch and it did not disappoint. It felt so cozy, like we just stepped into someone's personal kitchen. We were greeted with a smile and handed the written menu. We could not decide so left it up to the server who made the perfect recommendations for us. Pasta with minced pork, black truffles, mushrooms, and wine for me and a fish dish for Jer.  We watched as the chef prepared our meals and the aromas had my mouth watering. Each bite was well worth the wait. Highly recommend this place. 

Trying to work off our lunch we decided to climb the bell tower of Saint Domnius. With each step my grip got a little tighter on the railings as my fear of heights took over. Looking out over the orange colored rooftops, to the calm sea in the distance, made my heart beat a little slower as we made our way to the top.

We completed our day by walking the narrow streets tucking into shops before making our way to the main promenade. We ordered a few beverages, people watched (my favorite thing), and watched the sunset. Split offers the perfect mixture of rich history and a modern Croatian way of life. 

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