Getting In Trouble at Krka National Park

Friday, July 6, 2018

It's a fact that I'm horrible at making decisions. It came as no surprise that I could not decide between visiting Plitvice National Park or Krka National Park while in Croatia. So, I said screw it and visited both. 

We left Zadar in the morning and drove about 1 1/2 hours to Krka. The entrance fee is $15 per person (may change). Once you get your tickets you can either hike to the park or take the bus which is what we did. Thank goodness we went this route because it was about a five minute bus ride to the entrance (which I was not expecting). The road zig zagged and was quite steep. If you decide to hike I would recommend hiking down and taking the bus back. 

Krka is like a smaller version of Plitvice. Where it lacks in size it makes up for in beauty. You follow wooden pathways as you make your way down to the biggest waterfall. Water gushes all around you as you say a friendly hello to the local wildlife. 

There are smaller waterfalls along the way. You will have to patiently wait your turn to try and get the perfect shot. We utilized the burst mode and continued on our way. 

We made our way down to the main waterfall and were greeted by numerous food stands. You could grab some food and build yourself a nice little picnic while you marvel at the impressive view. Not going to lie, the crowds were thick so I was on a mission to find our own private little oasis. I climbed my way to the side of the waterfall and found a peaceful spot with no one in sight. Jer quickly followed. 

Now, typically, you are allowed to swim at Krka. Yet, there was no one in the water. I just assumed since it was a bit chilly that no one wanted to brave the cold temperatures. I coaxed Jer to strip down and get in. I dipped my feet in, but, it was too cold for my blood. He finally gave in and made his way in the frigid water. 

I was supposed to be the lookout but a group of park goers saw us and proceeded to make their way over to us. I got to talking and when I looked back I saw a Park Ranger scolding Jer to get out of the water and advised him that swimming was forbidden. So my friends, lesson learned to make sure that you read the signs or have a better lookout person. 

He begrudgingly made his way out of the water and we proceeded to make our way out of the park. 

My indecisiveness worked out in my favor because I loved both parks and would constantly be wondering about the other.