Island Life of Hvar

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Our next stop on our Croatia road-trip was the island of Hvar. We arrived to Hvar by car ferry from Split and settled right into island life. 

Well, it took us a while to actually find parking. Then, even longer to find the hotel as we roamed aimlessly around town. Once we finally found the hotel we were advised we needed to move the car. It was parked on a cliff that we (when I say we, I mean Jer) would have to climb an abundant amount of steps to reach. With the help of the hotel staff, to assist with the luggage, Jer went on a mission to move the car. Upon his return, he was dripping in sweat. I offered him a nice refreshing cucumber water. Then settled in. 

We stayed at the Hotel Park Hvar which is located in the heart of Hvar town. Upon entering our room we were greeted with amazing views of the marina, the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, and Croatia's iconic orange roof tops. The charming room had a separate living space, two balconies, and finally a closed in shower! I don't know what it is about European bathtub/shower combos but water gets everywhere due to the partial glass enclosures. It's really the little things that excite me.

Each morning we woke to church bells in the distance and sea views. Can we stay forever, pretty please?!?

Hvar Town is known for it's nightlife and attracts people from all over the world. It has glitz and glamour with mega yachts surrounding the promenade. You can hear champagne glasses clinking to another beautiful day. But, this small town also has an old world charm that I instantly fell for.

If you are looking for the best views of Hvar town and Pakleni islands, lace up your walking shoes, and climb to the town's fortress. I let Jer lead the way which turned out to be the wrong choice. His sense of direction was a bit suspect. In the end, I guided us in the right direction as we zig zagged our way to the top.

It was built in the 16th century by the Venetian to defend the town from the Turks. The fortress is well preserved and it's historical importance alone is worth a visit. Come for the history, stay for the views.

We had a bit of fomo (fear of missing out) watching all the people enjoying themselves on their yachts. So we decided to rent one for the day. Ours was not a yacht but it did the job. We cruised around in our ten horse power dingy all day. Tucking into coves as we anchored to enjoy our surroundings and a few adult beverages. 

With Jer at the wheel, we cruised into a small enclave. As we were nearing closer I noticed fishing nets. I yelled multiple warnings but he forged on. The fishing nets got wrapped around our propeller as we came to an abrupt stop. Jer jumped into the water to assess the situation. The verdict was bad. Without a knife or cell phone, we were stuck. It took us (and by us, I mean Jer) well over an hour to unwrap the fishing net from the propeller. Even with this small mishap it was one of the best days of our trip.

The cost to rent a small boat was very reasonable at about $150 for a full day. Highly recommend.

Three days was not near enough time to explore the entire island. We had a plan to visit as many beaches of Hvar as we could. Our first stop was Dubovica. We parked on the main road and hiked down to the beach passing lines of olive trees. It was a perfect setting for a few hours of relaxation with blue/green water, a unique stone house perched on the water, and the cobble stone beach that gave a nice massage on the back. The hours passed quickly. We did not realize how much time had past until the sun was about to set. Our plan to visit other beaches was nixed due to growling stomachs and lost daylight.

We packed up and headed back to Hvar town. We had dinner and toasted to an unforgettable stay. 

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