Street Art and Mexican Food at Barrio Cafe

Monday, February 22, 2016

I know, I know another food post. But, oh my gosh it was too good not to share and if you haven't guessed by now I live for a good meal. 

After spending the day finally becoming legal on the road and receiving our new Arizona driver's licenses and plates (it only took us nine months) we built up quite an appetite.

We pulled into the back of Barrio Cafe (since there is no parking on the street) and my eyes were immediately drawn to all the artwork on the buildings. I admit, I always wished I could be an artist but I can barely paint by numbers without screwing up; so there is that.

It was hard to pull myself away from all the bright colored murals but the smell of food had my stomach grumbling. 

When we walked in we were greeted and seated instantly which happens to be rare. The restaurant does not take reservations so if you happen to go for a late lunch on a Thursday you should be good. 

I could not help but notice all of the plentiful tequila options. I had to refrain myself as we had so many errands to run but I will be back for their house margarita sometime soon.

We browsed the menu and could not decide so we asked our server and he hand picked everything for us. 

To start, the Guacamole!!!! Can I just say all this freaking time spent smashing avocados for guacamole...never again!! Plus pomegranate seeds. I mean, so simple (avocados, red onion, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, and lime juice) yet so flipping good.   

Jer got the Cochinita Pibil which is slow roasted pulled pork with sour orange and achiote rojo. So tender, so flavorful, and those pickled red onions I could package them up to go.

When I took a look at my dish I must say I was a bit skeptical of the hype. With one bite, my eyes instantly widened and all skepticism vanished. A poblano chili filled with chicken, apple, pear, and pecans with an almond cream sauce topped with slivered almonds, pomegranate seeds and cilantro. Holy sweet, spicy, and savory doing the salsa in my mouth. Jer tried a bite and was instantly jealous of my choice.  

Utterly stuffed, we packed up and headed out to enjoy a bit more artwork and finished up on our never ending errand run for the day. 

If you are ever in the Phoenix area and looking for great Mexican cuisine (no rice and beans) make a stop here.

Barrio Cafe 2814 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85006-1205.