Sedona ATV-Birthday Celebration

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We headed to Sedona for what was supposed to be a surprise birthday celebration for the hubs. He found out (well, I told him because I can't keep anything to myself) two weeks prior about our off road adventure. 

We checked into Sedona ATV & Dune Buggy Rental (got sold on an upgrade) and were handed maps, GPS phone tracker (in case we got lost in the desert), the keys to our vehicle for the day and we were off for a day of exploration.    

The scenery in Sedona is unreal and the vibe is very zen and peaceful. I am all about it. Unlike our ride, which was fast, bumpy, and extremely dusty. 

Jer zipped along the dirt roads while I screamed (the majority of the time) and held on to my "oh shit" handles. This was a change of pace for him, compared to his usual grandma speed in the car, so I was not prepared.  

We arrived at the Honanki Ruins (only getting lost once because the navigator forgot about the picture booklet that was provided) which is believed to be one of the oldest Sinagua communities in the Verde Valley. We tried eavesdropping on the many tour groups that were there, hoping to learn a few facts, but received a few unwelcoming looks so kept it moving.

Finally, I was allowed behind the wheel (hold on to your panties boys). I had to show him that you don't have to step on the breaks every two seconds.

Our last stop was to hike Devil's Bridge. With our 4-Wheel drive vehicle we waved to all the hikers who had to park in the visitor parking lot. It was so nice to be able to park at the head of the trail with only a mile hike in.

What we did not expect was all the snow and ice. It was 60 degrees?!?! This made it extremely difficult to make it to the top. There were so many people who were slipping and falling.

We finally got to this point and took it all in.

With still a way to go we checked the clock and noticed we did not have that much time left. We both looked up the slippery rocky mountain, with a line of about fifty people trying to make their way down, and made an executive decision to call it a day. We will make it to Devil's Bridge one day. 

Hit play for a video of our day. Don't worry you won't hear me screaming. 

We had such a blast. If you ever find yourself in Sedona I would highly recommend renting an ATV or Buggy. You can go at your own pace and go where many of the big tour groups don't have access to.