Quiessence at the Farm

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ah, Valentines Day, a day filled with flowers, chocolates, love, and overpriced dinners.(Am I right?)Every year we always say that we are going to stay in because it is the time where (most) restaurants do a tasting menu and over charge the shit out of it. But, whats the fun in staying home and cooking, so we continue to venture out. 

Of course, being the procrastinator that I am, most of my go to places were already booked. I found an early bird opening (5:30pm) at Quiessence at the Farm and locked it in. 

We made our way down the tree lined gravel driveway to the restaurant taking in the scenery. The restaurant is housed in an old 1928 farm house and they use most of their ingredients from their farm as well as local farms in the area for a farm to table experience.

We browsed the menu.  This is the point where Jer may have had a slight coronary when he saw the prices. I will omit his actual comment. Let's just say it was on the lines of; he better be feeling like Sally (from the movie,When Harry Met Sally),in the diner scene, with zero fakeness. Catch my drift?

So, I did what every good wife would do in this situation and ordered drinks. The Citrus House Margarita was on point.(Phoenix knows how to make the best margaritas!!)

To cleanse our palette...

We both ordered the Broccolini Soup with fried oysters, aged cheddar, and Anaheim peppers. The mild flavor of the Anaheim peppers was a nice touch to the dish and I could have used a little more of those fried oysters in my soup (yum). Although, it did have me craving Oysters on the half shell.

He ordered the Age Wagyu Carpaccio which ended up in front of me (since we said we were sharing)and I may only have let him have one?!? 

The Chickpea Fritters were not my favorite dish and Jer ended up finishing it off. 

Jer's Crispy Skinned Steelhead Trout with red quinoa. He loved the saltiness of the trout. (His words)

The Chicken Scallopini was so fresh and I loved the burst of the tomatoes. I have also been a huge fan of cous cous as of late and have been cooking it all the time. I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but mine can sure hold a candle to theirs (toot toot). 

The service was impeccable (Jer must have dropped his napkin ten times and within seconds he had a new one on his lap) the atmosphere was very intimate, and the food was simple and nicely done. Did we have the "Sally" moment? Unfortunately, no. Based solely on the price of the meal we were expecting a little more from the menu.(Think half off of a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes; which next year I really have to rethink my priorities...mmm food or shoes...my inner fat kid always takes over.) 

We did have an amazing evening though talking about anything and everything, laughing and joking, and spending good ol' quality time together, which after fifteen (yes, fif-freaking-teen) Valentine Day's together is the most important.