Piestewa Peak

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's hard not to take full advantage of the great weather in Phoenix during the winter months. It's the perfect time to get outside and conquer the many hiking trails in the area. 

This past weekend we made our way to the second highest peak in Phoenix, Piestewa Peak. Our My plan was to hike the Summit Trail (#300). We made our way to the start of the trail and ignored the signs that stated it was extremely difficult and forged ahead. 

One thing to keep in mind...it does get crowded. It gave me a bit more motivation because there were all ages and all physical types on the trail. Giving me that extra boost of energy to keep pushing to the top. I mean, you feel kind of bad when your gasping for breath and an eighty year old passes you like it's just another walk around the old block. 

The trail itself has a staircase like effect and is made up of jagged rocks. The hardest part about the trail is the incline. My heart was pumping and my legs felt like jello afterwards so skip the StairMaster and get outside for amazing city views.

In just about ten minutes into the hike you have panoramic views of the city and desert (major bonus for me). I took a long hard glance up the mountain and debated if it was worth the extra climb.

While I sat (an excuse to catch my breath, lets be honest)and tried to become one with nature and find my zen my better half started swinging from rocks. He wanted to see how long he could hold himself up. Is this a guy thing or is he going through a mid-life crisis? Constantly giving me anxiety and snapping me right out of my peaceful state. 
If you can't beat 'em join 'em.     

We got seriously side tracked from playing around and never did make it to the top of the summit.  

I would suggest to go for sunrise or sunset. You can get those great shots of the beautiful colors I've only seen in Arizona.

If you do decide to tackle this trail in the summer months, make sure that you take plenty of water. If you think you have enough grab two more bottles. This is the desert and it does get extremely hot during June through September. During this time, you will want to go early before it starts to heat up. 

We will be back to conquer Summit Trail.