Watson Lake

Monday, January 23, 2017

After a full week of non stop rain, clouds, and being cooped up in the house I was eager to get outside. Thankfully, Arizona has unlimited options for outdoor adventures/hiking trails. 

We drove a little over an hour north to Watson Lake near Prescott. The temperature dropped about 30 degrees in that short amount of time. So, although, I received a few strange looks at our local gas station the parka and snow boots came in quite handy.  

Watson Lake is located in Prescott's Granite Dells with giant granite boulders lining the lake. There is a $3.00 charge for all day parking.

There are well marked trails for hiking... unless you are following this one. He kept losing the white dots that marked the trail and I found myself climbing boulder after boulder in the wrong direction. He found this to be hysterical. 

We were working up quite a sweat from all the climbing and took a break to enjoy our surroundings.

Soon it was time for more boulder climbing. (I promise this is much higher than it looks)

The further I climbed I started regretting my life decisions. You know because going up is easy. Making your way down is the difficult part. Hello bruise number 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The reward is always worth it though so keep climbing my friends. 

I know that when I see this face that I should be worried. (His pondering face. Can I...? Should I...?)

Yes. I stayed at the bottom for this one. I gave him a round of applause when he made it to the top because I am such a supportive wife. 

And waited patiently while he made his way down...tick tock. 

The sun began to set. A voice came over the intercom that it was time to head back or our car may be towed. We took in one last glance and bolted back to the "granny mobile".