Exploring Telluride

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

There is nothing quite like the first sight of snow and the crunch beneath your shoes to get you excited to play in a winter wonderland. 

We arrived to Telluride late in the evening after a very slow drive due to snowy conditions. We stayed at the Madeline Hotel & Residences in Mountain Village. It was in the perfect location. Just a short walk to the Gondola that takes you to Telluride and the lifts that you can test your skiing/snowboarding skills. 

The first morning we pulled back the curtains and were greeted by sunny skies and views of the mountain. We dressed (in what seemed to be) a thousand layers and hit the slopes. 

Chair lift after chair lift and fall after fall was the theme of my day. Who can complain with views like this?

By the end of the day I got my groove back and was zipping down the mountain passing many 5 and 6 year olds. Shaun White has nothing on me. 

I found my better half patiently waiting for me at a rustic bar perched mid way down the slopes. We ordered a few cold beverages to quench our thirst while taking in our beautiful surroundings. Cheers to a great first day.

The next day we slept in and grabbed a light brunch before making our way to Telluride Outfitters for our snowmobiling adventure. 

The windchill was no joke and the snow was coming down hard. We were greeted by our guide whose beard was full of hanging icicles. I had to mentally prepare myself for the frigid temperatures. 

We were offered goggles and helmets and were instructed how to properly operate the snowmobile. Then we were off...

It took all of five minutes for us to get stuck and lose the pack. Luckily for us they had others following a bit behind that came to our rescue a little while after. 

It did not take long before we took a wrong turn. We found ourselves at a dead end with no means to turn around. We were not starting off very well and had to be rescued for a second time.

We wound our way through tree lined paths covered in fresh snow and felt the crisp air on our face. The visibility was limited due to the snowstorm so we were unable to see the mountain views. Still, it was like we were driving in a post card.

 I only took over driving because the handles (if that is what you call them) were heated and I could not feel my fingers. I preferred being a back seat driver. First time snowmobiling and it will not be my last.

On the last day we had finally made our way to the town of Telluride. The gondola takes about 13 minutes from Mountain Village to town. We walked the quaint streets peeking in the shops and letting our nose guide us to breakfast. 

After filling our bellies with endless amounts of eggs and pastries we wandered around town and played in the endless white snow. Taking in all things winter before heading back to AZ. 

Check out our video of our experience below: