Chill Out

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

One of the many things I love about Arizona is that you are pretty much guaranteed sunny days. I can not tell you the last time I actually saw rain. If it does happen it's like you blink and miss it. Now, we will just ignore the fact that it soars above 100 degrees at the moment. But, it's a dry heat?!? Ha.

This 4th of July we brought out the big guns and cooled off at home.  

My go to summer and poolside essentials. Margaritas, sunnies, magazines/books, inflatables and my number one sunscreen choice. You guys, this stuff is so good. I burn so easily and with the intense Arizona sun it is one of the few that has worked for me. I use this on the daily. Smells so good, too. 

One of us has a problem with sitting still and has to turn everything into a competition. Can you do this?!?!

No, but can you do this?!!? 

Ok, ok you win....

Building up an appetite, we fired up the grill and made this  Grilled Romaine Salad which has become our summer staple. It tastes amazing and is so quick and easy. Many knifes were harmed in the chucking (if you could call it chucking) of those oysters. A little lemon, salt, and down they went.  

We decided to grab our bikes and head to our neighborhood 4th of July celebration for dessert. The same happy, go lucky juggler from last year made an appearance. The lines were insane for food as it was so crowded. Everyone was cramming in to see the fireworks display. We grabbed our pops and rushed back home.

Grabbed our seats and watched in awe...

I would say one epic end to one chilled out day.