Hiking Napali Coast

Friday, July 1, 2016

We found it! Our last day on the island we decided to head back and tackle the Kalalau Trail. And let me just say that we were so glad we did. The views speak for themselves. Insane. 

The full trail is 11 miles one way! There was absolutely no way I was committing to that extensive and strenuous of a hike. So we decided to do the 2 mile hike to Hanakapi'ai Beach. 

It was a fairly easy hike. I'm typically always out of breath and Jer always has to look back to make sure that I am still alive. (thanks, babe) Those looks happened less frequently on this hike. I did stop ALOT to take in the picturesque landscape which may have helped a bit.

It was extremely muddy so make sure that you wear a pair of old shoes. 

It was an even mix of about 1 mile walking downhill and the rest walking uphill. I burned off our huge omelet and acai bowls that we had for breakfast at Anuenue Cafe. (If you are staying in Poipu this place was so good for breakfast)

Once we arrived to the beach entrance we were greeted by a very blunt sign stating that those inviting blues were not so inviting. 

We had to wait our turn for everyone to cross the stream. It was so much pressure with everyone staring at you. I am happy to report that I made it without falling and a big round of applause ensued.

But, I mean, what a tease. You made it all this way and you have to appreciate the beauty from afar. There were a few brave souls that took to the water but it was rough so best to stay out.

We contemplated hiking to the waterfall which was about another two miles but settled for this little one and headed back. 

Our next stop was Queen's Bath. So many have raved about this spot. I must say I was quite underwhelmed. In other pictures it was so blue and looked much larger than it actually was. When we arrived the water was a murky green and it was so small. There were about 50 people as well in this little water hole. This was not for me and we hopped in for a hot second and left.

We stopped to enjoy the Taro fields and the rugged mountain ranges in the distance and bid farewell to the "Garden Isle".


  1. I really, really have got to get to Kauai one day soon. It sounds like you got to stay there for quite some time - lucky you!. Thank you for sharing your adventures and beautiful photos I enjoyed looking through them and picturing myself there now (as I sit in front of the heater and its freezing and pouring rain outside :) )


    1. Thank you for reading! We had such an amazing time and I'm sure you would love it. Hope you are all warmed up:-) I must say that I miss cold rainy nights. We don't see many of them in Arizona.