Kauai-What Dreams Are Made Of

Monday, May 30, 2016

"The earth has music for those that listen" - William Shakespeare

I don't know what it is about being on vacation but I am always up at the crack of dawn while the hubs lies peacefully beside me in a deep sleep. I sit and wait until he awakes with a little help from the noise I so desperately try not to make (sarcasm) and say "Good Morning" with a devilish smile. 

Our plan for the day was to head to the North Shore of the island to check out one of the best beaches for snorkeling...Tunnels Beach. We set our GPS and set off for the 1 hour drive to our destination.    

You have arrived at your destination. We hopped out of the Jeep and unloaded all of our stuff and found the perfect lounge spot under the palms. Jer dug himself a nice lounge chair in the sand, popped open a beverage, and took in the beautiful scenery. 

The rugged mountain backdrop and the crashing waves in front of us made for one very happy girl. We found ourselves making multiple trips up north during our stay. 

We raced to the ocean to check out the reefs. We were a bit skeptical because there was noone on the beach or in the water. 

Not finding much of anything we decided to ask a man walking his dog if we were at the right location and he politely responded that Tunnels was about 5 miles away. Thank you, GPS.

Not wanting to leave our cozy spot we stayed for the remainder of the day. 

My three dollar souvenir came in quite handy. I bought it because the resort was charging six dollars a day to rent them. Um, no. It has now found a forever home in my pool.

We built up quite an appetite and decided to pack it in and head to Hanelei for a quick bite before heading back to our resort.

We took a small detour and admired the scenic view points from the road. I mean, I could spend all day just staring at this view. 

It came as no surprise to me that Jurassic Park was filmed on this island because I kept imagining Pterodactyls swooping down from behind the mountains. This is a place where your imagination runs wild. A place where even in your most vivid dreams you could not come up with a more magical and surreal land. This is a place that takes your breath away.  

This is also a place where roosters and chickens run freely and they outnumber the human population on the island. (I really don't know if that is a true fact but it seems about right and I am too lazy to look it up. If you find out leave it in the comments below.)

We arrived to the town of Hanalei right when the clouds started to roll in and the raindrops were coming down.  We tucked into small boutique shops and made our way to dinner at a small cafe

I would love to come back to Kauai and rent a house near Hanalei. This was one of my favorite areas on the whole island. A perfect day indeed.


  1. Loved looking at your photos, I haven't been to Kauai before but I am definitely going to visit there next time around. I'm holidaying in Oahu at the moment and loving it here too. It's Paradise on these islands :)


    1. Thank you! Have a wonderful time on Oahu and soak in all that sunshine!

  2. wow, absolutely stunning picture. Such a breathtaking place! Hubby and I are thinking of booking a trip to Hawaii in October.


    Tamara - LoveofMode.com

  3. i love that first quote!! Great photos!! Have a great day, Loves!!
    : JenessaSheffield.com