Fall in the Desert

Monday, October 26, 2015

We had such a great weekend celebrating all things fall at the Carefree Desert Gardens and channeled our inner kid at Anthem's Autumn Fest.

Ray Villafane created an "Enchanted Pumpkin Garden" at the Carefree Desert Gardens. The intricate details that he is able to achieve is so incredible. I mean, I have tried my hands at pumpkin carving (ended up with a big whole in the front of the pumpkin) and it is no easy feat. 

The main reason we went to Autumn Fest was to stuff our faces full of sugary treats and leave. We ended up indulging in sweets, rides, music and stayed a little longer than anticipated. 

I was about to,oh so graciously, dive in to my refreshing snow cone when I was sneak attacked by a vicious intruder...