Carry On Only

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Standing at the baggage claim carousel (at the airport) watching everyone grab their luggage while you keep waiting, hoping that you catch a glimpse of yours. Then you hear it...the buzzer goes off and the conveyor comes to an abrupt halt. You are alone and your hopes and dreams of having clean undergarments for your trip have been crushed. 

Has this ever happened to you? If so, you know that it is time to start traveling with only a carry on.  It not only saves you time and possible aggravation but it can also save you money (now that most major carriers charge for checked baggage). 

Here are my tips and tricks on losing that excess baggage: 

Tip #1 "Fail to plan, plan to fail"

This is so important. You must have a general idea of what you will be doing, what the weather is going to be like while you are in your destination, and plan your outfits accordingly. I will make a day to day list of outfits this way when it comes time to pack I am not throwing everything I own into my bag (if it's not on the list it's not in my bag). If I don't plan I end up packing for multiple climates because, you never know, it may get a little chilly and you may need your parka for your tropical island destination.

Tip #2 They see me rollin...

Rolling your clothes makes a world of a difference. It takes up less space in your bag and it's supposed to prevent wrinkles (the jury is still out on that one for me). I like to roll up complete outfits so you can just grab a roll and go. 

Tip #3 Less is more

When it comes to toiletries and shoes less is more. I know, I know this is difficult and one of the main reasons why it took me so long to convert to just a carry on bag. But, it can be done. 

We have so many lotions, potions, cosmetics, hair products, hair tools and the list goes on. Take your essentials. Remember all your liquids have to fit into a 1 quart zip lock bag. You can go to your local drugstore and buy small plastic containers that are TSA approved (3.4 oz or less) and transfer your lotions and potions into those. (Don't forget to label them as some lotions look like shampoo; speaking from experience here.)LUSH as some really good shampoo bars that are great to travel with and will leave room in your quart bag. Remember that hotels do provide shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and hair dryers.

Tip #4 Color coordinate

When packing a carry on it's best to stick to a color scheme neutrals are best so you can mix and match your outfits. This will also help with packing too many shoes. I tend to stick to three pairs max...a flat, a sneaker, and a heel or wedge in the same color scheme. Also,you can utilize your foot wear and wrap your undergarments in plastic bags and stuff them in your shoes. 

Tip #5 Is this too much?

When it comes to my plane outfit I tend to look like a bag lady. I am a layering queen. I wear my bulkiest pieces on the plane to save room in my bag and because I am always freezing during flights. Wear your coat/jacket on the flight to save room as well.

Tip #6 Utilize your personal item

I was going to stop at five but I like even numbers. I see so many carrying small purses as their personal item and I just...face palm to the head. As long as your personal item can fit under your seat it is fine.  So take a larger tote or backpack. This is where I keep my liquids and most of my electronics because I can not be bothered with opening my suitcase at security to get that stuff out (and this way you don't get the eye-rolls from the person behind you; you know who you are).

There you have it. I challenge you to do this on your next trip. Once you lose all that excess baggage it's hard to go back. Happy Travels!!


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