Bitter Sweet Easter Holiday

Monday, April 6, 2015

I don't know about you guys but I completely indulged this Easter. Every year I receive a gigantic milk chocolate Easter bunny. I sank my teeth in the chocolatey goodness and next thing you know half the bunny was gone. I just consumed half of a life size chocolate bunny and was feeling a bit ashamed; I had to get rid of it. But I couldn't bare throw it out so I rationalized with myself and decided to eat the entire thing so the temptation was no longer there. It was a holiday after all. Makes sense, right!?!?! Chocolate is my weakness. 

This Easter was bitter sweet because it will probably be the last Easter/holiday spent in our current (first) home. We tried to soak it all in but it seemed to go by so fast. 

The boys came and dove right into their gifts and the candy Nanny brought them. Owen, very hesitantly, let me have a bite of his chocolate lollipop.

 These kids love Jelly Bellies.
Say Cheese...(fail)
O you know just showing off my mad ninja fighting moves.
Note to self: It may not be wise to tell a (then) 2 year old that ghosts live upstairs in our storage closets when you don't want them to go in them. They will remember that shit forever. 

We all hung out for the majority of the morning until we had to make our way to Easter dinner where the majority of us filled up on baked ham. 

Then it was off to my dad's where we FINALLY exchanged our Christmas gifts. Yes, you are reading that correctly. We kept forgetting to bring our gifts when we would stop over so better late than never. Hopefully they liked what they got and everything fits because it is way too late to return. 

A visit would not be complete without Jer having to do computer assistance. Jer is my dad's personal tech support. Future reference dad: When trying to burn a video to a CD, it is best to actually put the CD in correctly and not upside down. Problem solved. 

We made our last stop to Jer's family's annual Easter egg hunt. The numbers are quickly dwindling and only had three participants this year. Kids are growing up so fast.

Izzy was the winner of the egg hunt. The worst egg hunter of the bunch was Ella. We would give her clues and when they didn't work we straight up pointed directly at the egg and we still got a shrug of the shoulders and look of confusion. It was priceless. I don't see detective work in her future. 
Not so sure about the bunny.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter holiday and filled up on lots of goodies.