The Nightingale

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My mom, so graciously, dropped off a mound of books for me to read a couple of weeks ago. I love to read and hate to admit that it had been a couple of months since I actually picked up a book.

It was no surprise that half of the books were World War II related since it seems we are both intrigued with anything during that time. My grandfather fought in the war as a Paratrooper which he never liked to talk about so I am always drawn to stories to get a glimpse of what he and those he was fighting for endured during that unthinkable period in time.    

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was the first one I started reading and I finished the book in two days. I was totally immersed in this fictional story set in wartime France. 

The two sisters the story was based on reminded me so much of me and my sister. Isabelle was a rebellious and reckless young girl who got kicked out of multiple boarding schools while Vivianne was the older more straight laced kind of girl. 

When the Nazis invaded France they were brought together but their different personalities and beliefs led them choosing different paths during the war. Isabelle joined the French Resistance trying to save those fighting against the Nazis. While Vivianne stopped at nothing to try and survive and keep her family alive. The hardships and sacrifice that they both endured is astonishing and this book makes you feel the raw emotions that they encountered. And though their relationship was tested many times their love and understanding of each other through each experience grew. 

I highly recommend giving this a read. Just be prepared for a few tears.