Philadelphia Flower Show "Lights, Camera, Bloom"

Sunday, March 8, 2015

This year the Philadelphia Flower Show was celebrating the movies with a huge Disney influence.

I was back and forth if I wanted to make the drive to attend and finally experience what so many have been raving about (mainly my mother). Last minute I made the choice to go and I brought dragged Jer with me. He is such a good sport. 

When we arrived we were not expecting the overwhelming amount of people that were there. It was insane. 

Our first mistake (and we made many) was that we did not purchase the tickets online before we left. We would have saved a little bit of money (a whopping $2.00) but would have saved so much precious time by not having to wait in line for our tickets. 

When we entered the actual "show" I was a bit disappointed because I thought I would have been overcome with smells of spring and all I could smell was popcorn. 

I was, however, impressed with the time and effort it must have taken to pull some of the exhibits together. The Cinderella Wedding exhibit was truly stunning. I was drawn to the English gardens and could totally see myself living in Serendipity. 

The crowds, for me, though were just too much and it was difficult to really appreciate all of the exhibits because you were constantly being pushed and shoved. I so wanted to see the Nightmare Before Christmas but the line was ridiculous. If you are planning to go next year I would highly suggest to go during the week when it may not be as crowded or try going early morning.

Have you been to the Philadelphia Flower Show? What was your favorite exhibit?

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  1. Beautiful flowers, colourful atmosphere. I love The Spring! :-D