Philly CheeseSteak Battle

Monday, December 15, 2014

It was Saturday; with growling stomachs that were craving some greasy goodness, we discussed our lunch options. 

Since we had plans in Philly, Jer suggested we go to Tony Luke's. He insisted that these were THE best cheesesteaks in Philly and that I must try one.  Knowing that this was the only place he has tried, I took to the internet.

According to my thorough investigation, there is much debate as to who truly has the best, most authentic cheesesteaks in Philly.  Of course, it all comes down to personal taste. However, the three most talked about places were Tony Luke's, Pat's, and Geno's. We were about to drive over an hour for lunch. You best believe we were going to find out who was worthy of the title and try all three. Sound ambitious, it was.

I pulled on a pair of leggings (with the handy elastic) that would accommodate my expanding belly and we were off.  Operation Philly Cheesesteak Battle was on.

First stop was Tony Luke's on Oregon Ave.

The only rule we had was to order the same cheesesteak at all three places; wit onions and wit whiz. Because that's how it's done in Philly.

With limited seating options we had to eat under a bridge downtown. Jer kept singing (out of melody) the Red Hot Chili Pepper's song all day.

Dat whiz, yo.

I was all over this bad boy. No shame.

Getting our fill of asphalt and cheese whiz we were on to our next location.  Pat's King of Steaks on South 9th Street.

There was definitely a theme at all three; waiting in line was inevitable.

I'm all about that whiz, bout that whiz, no provolone. The song I had stuck in my head all day (the modified version).  

You MUST get the peppers.  Trust me.

Take a bite of the pepper then the cheesesteak; repeat. O baby. 

We didn't have to travel far to the next location. Geno's is right across the street. 

More whiz please. 

So after a long day of stuffing our faces we have come to a conclusion.

The best cheesesteak goes to...

Tony Luke's. So many people have said the roll makes the cheese steak.  I have to disagree. The roll pretty much tasted the same to me at all three places;firm, crusty, and tasteless. What did it for me was the whiz and the steak.  Tony Luke's whiz soaked into the steak and was so creamy and delicious. It was oozing all over the freaking place. While the location was less than desirable the others just did not compare. 

Let me know if there are any other places I must try? Although, I think I have had my fill for a while.


  1. they all look so good, if only i didn't give up meat!


  2. This makes me want to tell you that they were horrible but I am a terrible lier.

  3. Ooh yummy, now I'm desperately craving a philly!

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