Post Cards from Fiji

Thursday, October 12, 2017

After 12 hours of flying and watching a full marathon of Survivor on the plane, which left me sleepless, we arrived to paradise. We were greeted by our driver who was waiting with a big smile and a friendly "Bula!" (not hola, unbeknownst to Jer)

Fiji is made up of over 300 tropical islands across the South Pacific. We were headed to Tokoriki Island Resort which is a part of the Mamanuca Islands. These islands are well known due to the filming of Tom Hanks in Castaway and a few seasons of Survivor. 

To get there you will fly into the Nadi Airport. From there you will either drive to the Denarau Pier to take the ferry (South Sea Cruises) which takes a little over an hour to Tokoriki. Or, you can take a helicopter or sea plane to your island of choice. We opted for the ferry since I prefer the sea over the air. I was gently swayed to sleep for the majority of the journey. 

The ferry stopped in the middle of the ocean. We were greeted by the most beautiful cobalt blue water, as we were transferred to another smaller boat that would take us to our private island for the week.

Our days were spent lounging under palms, reading books, swimming, napping, and trying our hand at a few of the water sports that were available. 

Our nights consisted of watching the sunset, dinner and drinks. This is a place where you come to get away and unwind.

There are no tv's or wifi in your rooms. The resort is small, consisting of only 36 beachfront bures and villas. You truly feel like you are on your very own private island.

I would race Jer to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This girl never misses a meal. The resort has one main restaurant. They change their menu daily for lunch and dinner. We did not partake in the other dining options such as the Teppanyaki or oceanfront dining experience.

We dragged ourselves away from our typical day routine to head to Cloud 9. Which is a floating bar in the middle of the ocean. The boat ride there was a little bumpy. We had to hold on for dear life which set our captain into giggle fits while he yelled "Bula" as he sped up in the choppy water. We all grinned ear to ear. It felt like we were on an amusement park ride and were loving the ride.

We came upon the reef. We grabbed our snorkel gear and jumped off the side of the boat. Some more gracefully than others. We saw so many colorful fish.

When we saw one of the most poisonous sea snakes in the South Pacific, it was my cue to haul ass back to the boat. 

We spent the remainder of the day drinking, laughing, and jumping off the floating bar. Jer's form was way off (see video below) as he dove off the top and is now dealing with a busted ear drum. Don't try this at home folks.

Back at the resort we would grab kayaks and search for reefs and spend the majority of our day snorkeling. When my arms would tire, Jer would tie our kayaks together and tug me along. What a man! (insert heart emoji). 

Fiji is definitely on the top of my favorite places traveled thus far. From the beautiful beaches, to the many changing colors of the ocean, to the friendly locals that make you feel at home, and the complete disconnect that makes you reconnect, Fiji is a dream. 

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