Chasing Autumn

Monday, October 16, 2017

You know the saying "Early bird catches the worm"? Well, this weekend it proved to be true. 

We headed north (yet again) to Flagstaff to experience a bit of autumn. Our goal was to visit Lockett Meadow, which is known to be the perfect place to experience the colorful leaves.

When we arrived we were kindly advised that the lot was at full capacity and we were denied entry. Jokes on us. I blame Jer for his multiple bathroom stops (had nothing to do with the time I woke up).

The park ranger did advise that the leaves had already fallen at Lockett Meadow so we really were not missing much. He handed us a map and directed us to try another location off the 418. We strapped in and took the "granny mobile" off roading. 

Driving along, the majority of the trees were bare. Until we came upon a small patch of trees with vibrant yellow leaves. We pulled over and stretched our legs in the sea of yellow.

Although it was not what we expected (if only we visited a week earlier) it was nice to breathe in the crisp air and wear long sleeves for a change.                                        

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