Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Lake Pleasant is a hop, skip, and a jump for most that live in the Phoenix area. It is no wonder why so many flock here on the weekends to soak up some sun, appreciate the beautiful scenery, and play in/on the refreshing water. 

We started off the day on one of many scenic trails the park offers. Stopping every few minutes for photo ops.

It didn't take long for the Arizona sun to get a little too hot so we decided to head back to the lake to cool off. 

The nice thing about the lake is that there are small coves where you can tuck in away from the crowds.

There are boats, jet-skis, kayaks, rafts, and other water toys that you can rent for the day.

Since we have a dog who is deathly scared of the water we did not partake. She did end up taking a dip in the lake with some much needed assistance. 

 A non intentional Princess Leia hairdo...
We wanted to keep on exploring the different entrances but someone forgot to fill up the gas tank. I was not particularly fond of the idea of being deserted in the desert so we packed up and headed home. We had such a "pleasant" day and it won't be long till we return with a full tank of gas. 

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