Freed Up Girl

Beach Vibes

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Ah, the Outer Banks. The perfect place to unwind, unplug, and eat your weight in Duck Donuts! Am I right?!!? 

We made the long drive to spend the next four days with family in Duck, North Carolina. Hurricane Hermine just passed through and left a little bit of a mess but we were greeted with sunshine and smiling faces from two of the cutest little boys. 

The ocean was rough and our pool was filled with sand but these boys did not let that get in the way of their fun.

This kid has moves for days.

Our daily rituals consisted of waking up late in the morning, trying to scrounge any leftover donuts that the early birds left behind, head to the beach, eat, drink, eat, drink, take a nap, eat, drink, debate who was drinking the most, eat, drink, and go to bed. I mean, we were really living it up. 

Some of us took to building sand castles (more like piles) at the pool and the beach.

I have never experienced so many horse/sand flies that would hover around and sting you every chance they got. Little buggers. We got the water guns out and declared war. We lost, miserably. 

Piper enjoyed her daily walks on the beach. 

We interrupted our daily ritual and decided to take a boat out on the bay. 

The men signed their life away to be captain for the day. 
(rhymes for days, just call me Kanye)

And we are off...

It didn't take long for us to come to a halt from all the seaweed in the propellers. Captain Jer came to the rescue and we were off again.

Trying to claim the coolest dad award. 

We all jumped in to the frigid cold water (not as gracefully as Jamie) and swam just as the sun was getting ready to set. 

The one that was most nervous about the boat ride and was constantly telling the captain to slow down, warmed up and was loving it by the end. 

We devoured our packed lunch (my peanut butter and jelly was on point) and enjoyed the sunset. 

It was a perfect end to our trip. It was so great to be home and catch up with family and friends and look forward to our next trip back.

Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Last week was the first time Jer and I have been home together since we made the move to Arizona, over a year ago. I was put in charge of dropping off the pup (for the first time) at the boarders for her "holiday camp". I now get all the emotions when moms drop their babies off at kindergarten or camp and start crying uncontrollably.  Yeah, that was me. Don't judge.

We arrived and hit the ground running. We were all over the place; dinners, football games, meet ups with friends, birthday parties, and late night drinking with family all in 2 1/2 days. We were exhausted. 

We did manage to squeeze in time for my, highly anticipated, ride on my boy Flash. My dad was breaking him in for my arrival and was one of many highlights of our trip back home. 

Someone was a little too excited about wearing spurs. #cowboyup

Baby Flash...

Isn't he such a stud?!?!?!

Fitting that Mr. Smarty Pants rode Smarty for the day. He found out what those spurs can actually do. 

We raced up the hill and this was right after Jer almost took a face plant because he didn't realize how fast Smarty can stop when you say "Woah". (He left this minor detail out when he was bragging that he beat us to anyone and everyone)

Dad & Sandy

It was such a nice day for a ride. Ah, the things you take for granted growing up with these views. Miss this. Was a nice recharge. 

Until next time sweet boy.

Jer with his first place ribbon for actually beating me in a race. I must say I was highly impressed since it was his first time actually galloping. Well done, love.