Taking the Steps-Broken Arrow Trail

Monday, August 7, 2017

It's mid morning, Jer's sister and her friend are in town. We are all sitting on the couch discussing plans for the day. When I say discussing, I mean everyone saying, "I don't care what we do. What do you want to do?"  Round and round we go. My option of kayaking Salt River was quickly shot down. I really, really want to see the wild horses that make their appearance at the river bed. Seems like it might have to be a solo trip I have to take. 

Since Jer's sister had not been to Sedona we all agreed to make the trip north. With strict instructions to be out the door by noon (from our driver, Jer), we sprang to our feet to get ready. 

Driving north the clouds were thick, skies grey, and you could see showers in the distance. I guess it would've been smart to check the weather before we left but, carpe diem.

We arrived to Sedona ATV & Buggy to consult with their representative. We wanted to make sure it was ok to head out due to the impending weather. Receiving the green light, we were tasked with which trail to choose. Jer and I had already done the first trail that they recommended (see here) and wanted to try something different. The Broken Arrow Trail was the next recommendation and was described to be "epic". Who could say no?!?

With ponchos in hand we set off. Thankfully, for Jess's navigational skills, we arrived to the trail head and made our way to the Devil's Dining Room Sinkhole. A sinkhole at the start of the trail that was created by the collapse of gigantic underground taverns (according to the sign). The sinkhole is surrounded by fencing and we each tried to get a good look to see how far it was to the bottom. With no luck, we diverted our attention to the surrounding scenery.

Broken Arrow Trail is one of the most popular 4x4 trails in Sedona. With views that leave you speechless, a trail that will give your 4x4 a run for it's money, it's no wonder why it's so popular. The weather worked in our favor because the crowds were sparse. 

With our trail map in hand, we made our way to Submarine Rock. There was a small amount of climbing involved (in part because we pulled over too soon). The girls quickly realized that flip flops were probably not the best footwear choice of the day. But, they were champs and made it up, eventually. 

We took the obligatory photo for making it to the top.

After a dozen awkward attempts of nailing the perfect photo we decided it was best to move on (before Maddie fell off a cliff with her high kicks). 

But one of us was not giving up...

Sedona is one of those places where nature speaks so loudly, yet you feel an overwhelmingly calm high like state. Hence, all the yoga poses that seem to come naturally to even the amateur. 

Chicken Point is the last stop for 4x4 vehicles and offers 360 degree views. We stayed for a while soaking it all in. There are places where no matter how many times you visit each experience is so different and keeps pulling you back for more. Sedona is one of those places.

On the way back down we were able to see exactly what our buggy was made of. We were driving on sandstone cliffs with, what looked to be, complete fall offs. It wasn't until you reached the very edge you realized there were "steps" A few screams came from the back, "Let me out!" "We should turn around!" But, like Columbus, we forged ahead. We bottomed out many times. And, were close to completely rolling down the steep "steps". Jer kept saying, "Whatever happens, make sure you keep all body parts inside the buggy." Noted. Finally making it to the bottom, we glanced at each other, and started laughing. We wanted to do it again but time would not allow. 

We returned our buggy and were asked what we thought. I believe we all concur that the day and trail was properly described to us and was indeed "epic".