Arizona State Fair-Vlog

Saturday, October 29, 2016

October is one of my favorite months here in Arizona. The weather starts cooling down(except, of course, for the day we actually decided to go to the fair) and fair/festival season starts heating up. 


We went to the Arizona State Fair on their opening weekend. Let me just tell you the best reasons to visit the fair. 

1. The Rides- Well, I must admit that I totally wimped out on the majority of the rides because I am terrified of heights (as you will see in the video; I had a minor freakout on the swings). However, the views were amazing with the Phoenix city line and the mountains as your backdrop.  If heights aren't your thing, don't worry, they have so many options to choose from, which we were pleasantly surprised. We come from a small town so our fairs are like 1/3 the size.

2. The Food- The options were limitless. From barbecue, beer-battered fries covered in cheese, chocolate covered bacon, and funnel cake. Oh my, I definitely wore the wrong pants. With over 95 food vendors you have a variety to choose from. And being true to fair food, expect that anything can and will be deep fried.  

3. The Games- Nothing screams fair to me like the impossible games. You have to hit it just right to actually win a cheap stuffed animal. I am all over that. I love a challenge and I will spend countless amounts of money until I win. When you are handed your prize you feel like a million bucks and there maybe some dancing and screeching involved. The best part is finding kids to give your cheap stuffed animal to. You may receive reluctant looks from the parents but when the kids faces light up, now that is priceless. 

The fair is coming to a close but there is always next year. Put it on your calendar to visit and remember to wear pants with elastic.