New Wheels

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

After way too many hours behind the computer this weekend (screw you Jonas) the hubs pulled me away to enjoy a beautiful afternoon around our hood. He has been on me that we should get bikes for the longest time so we headed to Wally World (aka Walmart) and picked up a few cheap options and headed off to explore.

Jer kept making fun of my "grandma" tires because it had the white trim around them. I, on the other hand, call them classic. 

Our first stop was the local outdoor farmer's market where we sampled some homemade jams, honey, and salsa. 

The aromas from all of the food made our stomachs grumble so we raced to our new favorite breakfast spot. 

I won, of course. Nothing stands in the way of this girl and a delicious breakfast (my favorite meal of the day). Thank goodness for Arizona that most of the places serve till 2 pm both Saturday and Sunday's. Back home I never made it up on time.

Huevos Rancheros for him.

Classic American for me. 

With full bellies we worked off a few calories riding for hours through our community waving to fellow bikers along the way (apparently that is a thing.

Don't worry mom we checked for rattlers before we sat down. 

Enjoying the beautiful sunny weather with good company is just what I needed after a couple of very long work days.