Camping Big Sur

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Camping is not one of those things I normally get excited about. When I told family and friends we were going camping they immediately thought it was Jer's idea. Little did they know, on our last camping trip, he was the one that tried to fake sickness so we could leave early. True story.

I have been wanting to visit Big Sur for so long and since we now live on the west coast decided it was time for a visit. Researching hotels and lodges just seemed wrong to me in a place that is known for their outdoor scenery and parks. So I checked with my supposed "boy scout" and it was decided we would give it another go. He assured me that as long as we were in the woods he would be happy (first time was in an RV park and he could not sleep with all the noise). 

We arrived to Pfeiffer State Park late in the afternoon enjoying all the beautiful scenery that Highway 1 has to offer (will show in another post because it really is unreal).

We checked in and found our campsite for the night.

And,yes,we are still juvenile and found this hilarious...

The boy scout got to work with setting up our tent. I tried to talk him into purchasing a pop up tent which would take all but three seconds to set up. He was having none of that. He insisted it would take five minutes. I, of course, timed him and it took twenty but a solid effort on his part.

Proud wifey...

We went off exploring our new digs and climbing the smallest trees I could find (getting old).

We made our way to Pfeiffer Beach for the sunset which was so amazing (too many pictures to share for this post). We headed back to camp and the boy scout got to building our fire for dinner. Brats, smores, and beer an amazing combination.  

It got so dark really early (6pm) and I was like OK now what do we do. He's like "Look at the fire." Oh right. 

It really is amazing when you are totally unplugged with no cell service, no tv, and no books to keep you distracted how much you appreciate your surroundings that much more and you have deeper more meaningful conversations. The stars were shining so bright, the wind was rustling the leaves, the warmth of the fire had me so relaxed and in a trance. Then, Luna would bark and I would snap out of it. 

When we went to bed the boy scout was bragging that he was so warm and toasty in his sleeping bag and I was quite cold. When I woke up I was so warm (I have been known to be a cover thief) and found him with extra layers on cuddling with our dog because he was so cold. Oops. 

Roughing it...

We packed up our stuff and headed back on Highway 1. We had such a great time and I would not want to be crammed in a tent with anyone else but my boy scout and our potcake.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! Glad you had a good time ♥