ZuZu's Brunch

Sunday, November 1, 2015

We had a busy day ahead of us on Saturday with a little bit of shopping, a little work, and more shopping for our upcoming camping trip(the amount of stuff you need to camp is exhausting to think about). But first...brunch.   

We entered the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale and instantly were transported back in time; circa 50's-60's. The mid century design of the resort and the Beach Boys blaring from the speakers as we walked in set the mood for the laid back vibe. 

I loved all the pops of bright colors around and didn't want to stop with just the decor so ordered ZuZu's smoothie (orange juice, honey, yogurt, banana, soy protein, strawberries and blueberries). It did not disappoint in looks or taste. 

I kept hearing how great the breakfast quesadilla with scrambled eggs, chorizo, and cheddar cheese was. But I was distracted...

by this beauty.

I must confess that I am an avocado addict. The moment I saw the Californian Eggs Benedict(poached eggs, avocado, spinach, tomatoes, and the rich hollandaise sauce all on a homemade English muffin) on the menu I knew. You know when something is so good that you can't be bothered with small talk and want to savor all the simple flavors with zero distractions. That's how we were at this brunch. I was, however, distracted for one second when someone took advantage and thieved a piece of my thick cut Virgina bacon. 

Afterwards, being the snoop that I am I couldn't resist taking a little sneak around the resort. 

I can't think of a better start to a day.